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Bi-Partisan Opposition to Mis-Named Democrat Spending Bill

The news media have missed the big story once again. Even though multiple nominally non-partisan sources have found the bill on the whole lacking in economic stimulus, the news media continue to refer to it by that misnomer. And even though the Democrats wrote every single jot and tittle, it couldn’t garner the support of the full democrat caucus. The story isn’t that the Republicans wouldn’t support the Democrat’s bill,  more aptly named by Rush Limbaugh as the “War on Prosperity Bill”, it’s that democrats wouldn’t support it either.


News Media Unanimous in Failure

Perhaps the HuffPo and WashPo do not constitute the news media, but they’re certainly reliable examples. The HuffPo, at about 11:30EST, felt it was wise to quote Rep. Obey’s mischaraterization of Herbert Hoover’s economic policy. (Hoover was a massive interventionist, remember the Smoot-Hawley?) . The ideological sister of the HuffPo, the WashPo, reported that the House passed an “$819 Billion stimulus package” leaving the informed reader to wonder when the other $700 Billion or so of stimulus was added, and what happened to the $700 Billion of Democrat garbage that was there earlier today?

Follow the Money

Candidate Obama receives hundreds of millions in unaccounted for campaign contributions. President Obama selects a tax cheat involved in the disbursement of hundreds of BILLIONS of of unaccounted for dollars.

Coincidence? Can a man too incompetent to understand his personal FICA tax liability possibly be qualified to be Treasury Secretary?

Senator Conrad, (D)isgrace – North Dakota

Today, on a CNN program, Senator Conrad was interviewed about the Obama Stimulus Plan. The CNN host, to his credit, asked the Senator to reconcile his current support for a massive expenditure in some form, if not the exact bill currently in the House, with his past comments criticizing the Bush Administration for deficit spending.  The Senator’s response was a disgraceful mix of “this is different” and a junior staffer’s pathetically alliterative talking points.

The host also asked a challenging (for CNN) question as to whether the new stimulus plan would be handled in the manner as the TARP.  I do not think Senator Conrad was planning to have any of his actions or ideas challenge in the interview as he appeared almost flustered in his response citing the Senate’s incapacity for oversight.

President Obama’s Solution for Guantanamo

Clearly, there has been much discussion on what to do with the detainees held at Guantanamo. I think the Obama Administration has already set the precedent with the suspected terrorists in Pakistan. President Obama should direct the CIA to launch missiles at them from a Predator UAV. This solution meets all of criteria needed fo news media approval.

Miranda Rights for Pakistanis

The Washington Post reports that 21 Pakistanis were executed under the authority of President Obama. We are not at war with Pakistan. In fact we are not at war with any country. Where does the Constitution say President Obama has the authority to execute people with out due process?

Obama’s Ethics

On January 20th, President Obama told Katie Couric  that he was aware that his Treasury Secretary nominee, Timothy Geithner, had not paid his taxes when Obama nominated him.

Was there a breakdown in the vetting process, or is this a continuation of the ethics of a man who countenanced the elimination of simple fraud protection from his campaign’s web site donations?