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Snow Covered Template

How does snow in New Orleans fit into the ‘Man-made Global Warming’ story template widely used by nearly every journalistic endeavor? Especially when it’s the earliest ever recorded? Perhaps it’s only a symptom of news industry budget cuts that kept the The Times-Picayune of New Orleans from including a quote from an expert linking this to “Global Warming’? Would a more robust organization have had the wherewithal to include the de riguerquote about how “no single event event can be directly tied to man-made global warming, but events like this can be expected to be more frequent”?

It’s all speculation on my part, I’m not aware of the financial condition of the Times-Picayune.


Not the Governor Obama Knew

Of course journalists of a certain stripe are falling over themselves to separate Obama from Blagojevich. Most commonly, quotes from the indictment are cited where Blagojevich is upset with Obama’s unwillingness to deal over the Senate appointment.

What’s left unsaid, is that Blagojevich, who is more familiar with Obama than any reporter or pundit in the national media, assumes that Obama would even consider such an approach.

Perhaps this post should be re-titled “Un-indicted co-conspirator”?

Blagojevich the Independent

Blagojevich the independent? Well, if one only read the headlines or photo captions,  that might be a good guess. The Chicago Tribune’s web story,0,7997804.story listed Blagojevich’s name a half dozen or so times before noting that he was a Democrat. The very first mention of former Governor Ryan merited noting that Ryan was a Republican, a ” disgraced, scandal-tainted Republican” to quote exactly.

The Tribune was hardly alone in down playing the party tie-in, it’s story was simply available as an example.

Obama’s Economic Plan

When Bush ran the Federal Government on a deficit to spur the economy out of the Clinton Recession and 9-11 he was criticized from all corners as irresponsible. When Obama proposes deficit spending to accomplish the same the response is….?

Some have pointed out some of the flaws in Obama’s plan such as the obvious delay inherent in capital spending, but again the best analysis is through the meme of acquisition of power. Will Obama be able to acquire more power through doling out capital projects? Yes. Yes he can!

President Elect Obama – Core Principles

The answer to the previous post’s question “what will Obama do with his newly acquired power?” is that he will use it to acquire more. The President of the United States is the most most powerful man in the world, but his powers are limited. By design, the President controls only 1 of 3 parts of the Federal government, which is in theory, itself limited by the Constitution.

I don’t think Obama has any reason to abandon his core principle – the acquisition of power – because it has served him so well to date.

Already, by assembling the much vaunted (by the liberal press) ‘Team of Rivals’ he is consolidating his personal power within his administration. Also, he recognizes, and plans to use to his benefit, the power of his campaign contributor’s lists and already he is sending out organizing  emails to that list to muster public opinion behind his agenda.

Again, his agenda is the acquisition of power.

President Elect Obama

There is a lot of speculation about how Obama will govern. This is natural considering the unsubstantial nature of his record. Yes, his entire past is that of a leftist, but his willingness to abandon positions and his frequent unwillingness to even take a posistion, allow pundits to predict his future according to their biases. What is being missed, or at least not discussed is Obama’s core principle – the acquisition of power.

The real question is now that he has acquired he most powerful position in the world, what is he going to do with it?


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