Monthly Archives: May 2010

A Dearth of Intellectual Firepower

Tonight I had the unfortunate experience of watching Chris Matthews interview David Axelrod about the oil leak in the Gulf. At one point, Mr. Axelrod used the phrase “a dearth of intellectual fire power.” Immediately I recognized the segment had been mis-titled. Any discussion between Mr. Mathews and Mr. Axelrod epitomizes “a dearth of intellectual firepower”.

In the past I would have thought Mr. Axelrod’s repeated references to Steven Chu and his Nobel Prize for physics was intentionally misleading. The assumption being that Mr. Axelrod assumes that most of the audience would have no idea how specialized Mr. Chu’s experience is ,and how specialized is the work in the Gulf. Without disparaging Mr. Chu, he has little to contribute to the solution.  I know this, and you, the reader know it, but Mr. Axelrod has absolutely no idea. One man in a white lab coat is the same as another, to hacks like Mr. Axelrod and fat ignorant bigots like Mr Matthews.

Mr. Matthews and Mr. Axelrod are so far out to sea on this issue, they might as well be caught in the current and sailing past the Chinese oil rigs off the coast of Cuba and Florida.


Hypoc Risy Obama – Not Just His Middle Name

This is a series of posts to catalog the President’s hypocrisy.

An easy one: Pledging to fund his campaign with only public funding then abandoning the pledge as soon as it became less financially lucrative.