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Line 40

Line 40 on the 1040 Form is where one decides whether to take the standard deduction or the itemized deduction. Despite repeatedly claiming that high income people like himself get “unfair” tax breaks, President Obama passes on the standard deduction.

President Obama leads by example.


A Dearth of Intellectual Firepower

Tonight I had the unfortunate experience of watching Chris Matthews interview David Axelrod about the oil leak in the Gulf. At one point, Mr. Axelrod used the phrase “a dearth of intellectual fire power.” Immediately I recognized the segment had been mis-titled. Any discussion between Mr. Mathews and Mr. Axelrod epitomizes “a dearth of intellectual firepower”.

In the past I would have thought Mr. Axelrod’s repeated references to Steven Chu and his Nobel Prize for physics was intentionally misleading. The assumption being that Mr. Axelrod assumes that most of the audience would have no idea how specialized Mr. Chu’s experience is ,and how specialized is the work in the Gulf. Without disparaging Mr. Chu, he has little to contribute to the solution.  I know this, and you, the reader know it, but Mr. Axelrod has absolutely no idea. One man in a white lab coat is the same as another, to hacks like Mr. Axelrod and fat ignorant bigots like Mr Matthews.

Mr. Matthews and Mr. Axelrod are so far out to sea on this issue, they might as well be caught in the current and sailing past the Chinese oil rigs off the coast of Cuba and Florida.

Who Let Uncle Joe Out of the Home?

On Sunday Vice President Joe Biden made it on to a political talk show to chat for a while. Before his handlers wrangled him back into the home where he attends to the important business of making sure the Stimulus (ARRA) money isn’t wasted (He’s doing a great job with that. As the President says “Nobody messes with Joe”, Uncle Joe spent his time claiming that former Vice President Cheney was doing exactly what he was trying do – rewrite history. When it comes to re-writing history, no one is going to outclass the Obama Adminstration. Uncle Joe will see to that. (And no one messes with Uncle Joe!)

I couldn’t bring myself to actually watch it, or read the transcript, but I’m pretty sure at one point (of oh so many, I’m sure – It’s Uncle Joe, after all.) he was trying to make the case that it was right for the UnderWear Bomber to be read his Miranda Rights so he could be tried in a civil court. Did he Uncle Joe also go ahead and declare him guilty before the trial starts, like he (and most of the Adminstration) has with KSM?

Rachel Maddow IS a Genius!

Tonight on Maddow I learned that the people you see in advertisements MAY NOT ACTUALLY use the product they appear with! Apparently, some remnants of the Imperial Bush Presidency (or something) have created an advocacy group that uses stock images of people on its pages, instead registered supporters! Clearly, the Obama Community Advocacy Czar did not approve this website. 

I was shocked to learn this! Thank goodness for Ms. Maddow and her PhD. She is a credit to news journalists everywhere.

The Post Sells Access, Part 2 of 2 – The Publisher Stonewalls

Katherine Weymouth Publisher of The Wahington Post, wrote a letter to the readers blaming the  author of a “flyer” with mistating the context of the events. No mention of why money was involved.

Don’t Get Advice From Democrats

Today I heard part of an interview of James Carville on the Imus show. Mr. Carville was promoting his book titled something like ’40 More Years – the Permanent Democrat Majority’. And the interview may have been a repeat, but it’s relatively current.

First of all, Mr. Carville is a very entertaining speaker. Actually, that’s second. First, he is a rabid partisan who will say anything to promote his party, which is fine, as he has never claimed to be anything else. 

His interview covered the topic of the book which is Republicans don’t have the support of young people and growing minorities, so the party is demographically doomed. Of course the flaw in this analysis is the typical failure of most leftists to realize that while the demographic categories stay the same, the people in the categories change. The easiest example is that today’s young people will move to a different category in the future. Harder for leftist to understand is that today’s poor people are not necessarily tomorrow’s poor, especially when using Census Bureau definitions of poor. How this applies to Carville’s thesis is best summarized by Winston Churchill’s quote about young conservatives having no hearts and old liberals having no brains.

Older people tend to vote Republican. The population is rapidily aging. How does this not augur well for the Republicans?

Historic Achievement for President Obama

Today’s employment numbers reminded me I needed to check on the Bureau Of Labor Statics so I could provide a first person report not typically available in the news media.

Many will remember that when the January job loss report came out, most news media organizations trumpeted the fact that is was the most jobs lost in a single month since 1974. True in an absolute sense, but as a percentage of the total workforce, wildly misleading. A comparable percentage loss would have required over 1,000,000 jobs lost.

Today’s jobs report was heralded as good news, because the job losses were slowing. The Bush era headline would have been “Most Unemployed Ever Recorded” Actually that headline is a few months late as the record was surpassed in February of this year. We’ve lost 2 million more jobs since then.

Another historic first for our President.