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Unpopular Obama

President Obama’s approval rating dropped below 50% on Real Clear Politics meta-survey. If President Obama was a Republican, the press would be full editorial comment on how this is an indication that the President needs to adjust his policies to be more in step with the American public. However, President Obama is the Media’s candidate, so the historic drop in approval ratings is mentioned rarely if at all.


What I Like About Sarah Palin

Every so often someone asks me if or what I like about Sarah Palin. I usually answer that I don’t know very much about her, which is true, ignoring that I do like her.  At least it’s true in the sense of what she thinks about various issues or what her views are, other than in the broadest sense. I can finally explain exactly what I find appealing.

Sarah Palin’s mere existence exposes the hypocrisy of the Left and it’s self proclaim Liberals and Progressives. I love that about her. From the earliest days of being rumored to be selected as McCain’s VP, her biography stood as counterpoint to President Obama’s. The substance’s of Palin’s biography mocking Obama’s evanescence .

That is what I like about Sarah Palin


President Obama’s Three Point Plan for _______(fill in the blank)

1. He’s got these people.

2. The people are experts.

 3. They’re going to fix everything.

President Obama gives you his word.

The plan applies to every issue. Most recently it is an outline of his newest economic initiative – his “jobs summit”.

Is anyone shocked that after 10 months or so, the President admits that he and his Adminstration have no idea how to create jobs so they’re going to bring some “experts”?