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Oval Office Address

The President’s first Oval Office Address was criticized from all sides. Most critics agreed that his performance (if not his substance) improved towards the end where he spoke about his plans to transition to clean energy. Unfortunately, he used the “if we can send a man to the Moon…” trope. Now I can’t stop thinking about President Obama sending a man to the Moon to find Green Energy. Except of course, he killed the return to the Moon project at NASA.  Maybe Nobel Award Winning Physicist Secretary Chu has worked out a plan?


Glaring Error

Today I was watching MSNBC’s Morning Joe and saw Mika Brznevski reading a script about the AP analysis of the BP oil spill plan and I had a few questions.

1. None of the bullet points illustrating glaring errors were material to cleaning up oil. Why was this considered news?

2. Who are the Obama Administration officials that approved this plan?

3. Why was the plan approved if the journalists at AP could find so many glaring errors?

I guess I have a fourth question too. What has happen to journalism these days?

Great Thinkers on MSNBC


Yesterday, on MSNBC’s  Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough discussed the President’s proposed budget deficits with several of his guests. I happened to catch some of his exchange with John Ridley, but later I heard a little bit of Scarborough’s radio program where he reviewed his earlier discussions.

He described his guests he asked to defend Obama’s budgets as “great thinkers”.

I, of course, disagree mightily. The President’s own campaign website clearly indicated a contradiction in it’s claims of fiscal responsibility, cutting taxes and increasing spending. It did not take a “great thinker” to anticipate the proposed budget deficits.

Mr. Ridley, to his credit, made a passable argument about the spending increases to be analogous to investment in new plant and equipment that achieves future gains in productivity. Passable, but completely erroneous. All of the President’s nominally “new” programs are merely re-treads of previously tried failures in efficiency.  

Healthcare Information Technology? Other than building on a program started by the previous Administration, its main promise for “efficiency” is as a tool for rationing.

Green Energy? From a physics point of view, green energy could not be any more inefficient. It is counter to the whole course of human technological achievement.

Education? Is there anything new about spending more money on the “Big Education” lobby?

President Obama’s policies are not investments in future efficiency, they are for the most part subsidies of obsolescence.

Wisdom of the Common Man


Both MSNBC’s Morning Joe and Real Clear Politics Blog (and RCP’s homepage) have mentioned the CBS/NYT poll of the general public that has found, as written in the RCP blog,  “67% believe world leaders respect Obama” .

Did Tyra interview world leaders in the segment before or after Levi? Or did Rege and Kelly have the honor? Where was the opinion of world leaders disseminated exactly? Is it possible that the general public public is actually responding to the news media’s glowing coverage of the President’s foreign travels?

Despite what was asked, the questioned answered was “Did the news media provide  uncritical positive coverage of the President’s recent trip?”

Sixty-seven pecernt of respondents answered “Yes”.

MSNBC April Fools’

After consideration, I have come to the conclusion that Mika B. and the cast of Morning Joe were playing a subtle April Fools Day joke on the the viewing audience when they all agreed that they didn’t care about the latest Obama Administration nominee’s tax evasion. The carefully phrased dismissal, tossed out as an ad lib, seems to have been intended to get the sort of reaction from Laura Ingram populist types who claimed that the MJ cast assumes no one cares, when clearly the question was limited to those at the table.

Who could possibly imagine Mike Barnacle (sp? don’t care enough to look up) being concerned that a democrat politician was cheating on their taxes. In his world, it is probably akin to the pot calling the kettle black. Willie Geist keeps his opinions to himself ususally, so he ge the benefit os the doubt. Mika B. ( again, I don’t care enough to look up the spelling) does not understand the concept of rule of law. The fourth guy was just one of the  interchangeable liberal interweb guys, hoping to draw traffic to his site and doesn’t deserve the electrons.

Tomorrow, they will get to cluck about how they were taken out context.

Ha ha, April Fools!

Stingy Ideas From a Liberal News Media

One of the most striking aspects of the Obama Administration’s attack on Rush Limbaugh and the defense of the attack by most of the news jorunalists, is the inability of the Administration and the news media to seemingly comprehend that there may be other valid solutions to the country’s problems other than those endorsed by President Obama.

It is a fair assumption that the Obama Administration is intentionally not acknowledging any alternatives. That’s probably a tactic covered by Saul Alinsky in Rules for Radicals.

More striking is to hear news journalists advance their opinion that either you’re for President Obama or you want the country to fail. As an example, see Mike Allen, of the www.politico.com on the March 6th Morning Joe on MSNBC.

Mr. Allen seems to be so taken with the idea of the Obama Administration that he’s incapable imagining an alternative to any of their proposals, no matter how poorly presented, poorly timed or poorly conceived by the President.