Does Dan Rather Fact Check Hardball?

The other night, Chris Matthews had a feeling about President Obama’s birth certificate. He did not indicate which body part was affected this time, but the feeling apparently resolved itself into a sense of certainty with regard to Mr. Obama’s birthplace. Not surprisingly, President Obama’s explanation was air tight for Mr. Matthews. More objective analysis would suggest that even though the proffered evidence is not air tight, Mr. Matthews may not be getting enough oxygen.

It would hardly be unusual for a baby to born outside of a hospital in Hawaii in 1961. Given that Hawaii is an island chain, births outside of hospitals are probably not unusual even today and issuing birth certificates for those children is most likely a routine matter. It is not hard to imagine how one could obtain a Hawaiian birth certificate for a baby born outside the state.

 The recently issued Certificate of Live Birth and the published birth announcements, while offering irrefutable proof to Mr. Matthews, are not conclusive evidence of where Mr. Obama was born.


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