Obama, Gates: Clueless

Professor Gates thought he won lottery –  a police officer, a WHITE police officer, sought to discern if Harvard University Professor Gates was a burglary suspect in Gates own home!

President Obama, always confident and sure, convicted the police officer of misdeeds despite the facts.

Blinded by self regard, both men have embarrassed themselves over this incident.


3 responses to “Obama, Gates: Clueless

  1. livesinnewjersey


    Once again some Americans are clueless, but President Obama is not one of them.

    Gates is certainly clueless for believing and stating that he thought it was impossible for a police officer to improperly arrest him in his own home for giving too much lip and arrogance to a police officer. Clearly, living within those ivy colored walls blinded him from the reality of being a Black man in America.

    Gates obviously did not get the memo which states the proper response to a police officer during a traffic stop or a home search is “Yes Sir,” “No, Sir,” “Thank you for protecting my home Sir,” “Can I get you a cup of coffee, sir.” The rule is that you do not ask for a badge number until the officer is ready to leave, if you want to avoid an improper or vindictive exercise of police power. Welcome to the real world Professor Gates.

    However, make no mistake about it, the officer was absolutely wrong in arresting and handcuffing Gates to demonstrate who had the power in that relationship at that time. The greater responsility in that situation was to the officer who wields (and respresents) the power of the State supported by a badge, handcuffs and a weapon. State power is not delegated to officers in order for them to serve and protect their own egos. Indignence and arrogance (even from a Black man) is not a crime punishable by arrest. Once the officer secured the property ane knew who Gates was, it was his responsibility to leave. Officers are specially trained not to allow their own emotions and ego’s intefere with the execution of their responsibilities. The officer screwed up.

    Obama should have kept his mouth shut. He is under the delusion that because America voted him as president that Americans are willing to have a frank and honest discussion about race. His Attorney General was right, Americans remain cowards when it comes to these issues — largely for fear of the hatred and ignorance that would be exposed.

    But he’s not clueless. He understands enough that he is trying to get back to the more immediately resolvable issue of health care. He knows that he could never resolve the issues of race in just two terms as president of your country.

  2. livesinnewjersey,

    According to all witnesses, Professor Gates was not in his home when he was arrested. If that were the case, I would agree that the arrest was improper. I also agree that the power of the state can easily be misused, even without malice, and that is reason enough (but not the only reason) to oppose more government intervention in the health care system.

  3. livesinnewjersey


    Why was he arrested outside his home? If it was appropriate, why were the charges immediately dropped?

    If misuse of state power is enough reason to oppose government intervention into health care, then the logical extension of that argument is that fear of state abuse should result of the withdrawal of all state intervention. Is it anarchy you are aiming for or simply the continuation of a broken system which does not properly serve the majority of the American population?

    If the government is one of the major cogs in the health care engine through medicare, medicaid and its relationships with drug companies, hospitals and the like, how do you propose that the government totally withdraw from the system and the marketplace be allowed to create a system that gives most Americans the opportunity to live as long and as healthily as possible? Or do we just let people die?

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