What Science Tells Us About Thomas Friedman

Thomas L. Friedman is a man of widely recognized talents, however his ability to synthesize a large body of woefully inadequate knowledge to make pronouncements as to what “science tells us” is not one of them. In Mr. Friedman’s June 30, 2009 NYT column he does just that with regard to climate change.


He is accurate when he claims that “science tells us” that climate changes, but that’s about the limit of what science knows. Climate changes on a much larger scale than the history of human scientific observation. What our limited observations have revealed is far from fully understood. Despite billions and billions of dollars spent on “global warming science” simple mechanisms such as the ‘greenhouse effect’ are not understood beyond a theoretical level. Basic laboratory research remains to confirm the theory.

In this article I put forth the scientific theory that a thorough cataloging of Mr. Friedman’s knowledge of global warming will reveal a vast store of anecdotal evidence typified by An Inconvenient Truth and very little understanding of the data and mechanisms of climate change.

Like any other scientist, I am seeking grant money to further my research into this important aspect of global warming. Please contact me through this blog to send money.


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