Obama’s New International Image

Much has been made of the “new image”  of America that President Obama will project around the world. The overwhelming assumption is that it would be better than the previous Administration’s.

Let’s look at the record to date. He has managed to repeatedly insult our closest ally Britain, most recently by sending Uighurs to Bermuda without even providing notice, much less obtaining consent. He continues to wage an undeclared war in Pakistan, murdering suspects and civilians alike without any due process. He has also gone around the world apologizing for America’s actions and placing them on par with atrocities of other nations. I’m waiting for the President to liken placing time limits on food stamps to Stalin starving the Ukraine.

Now the President has waitedfor France and Canada to take the lead in criticizing the brutal security crackdowns on the election protests Iran. Protests that are the result of a clearly rigged outcome. Perhaps the President has hesitated because of the news reports that compared the violence and corruption in Iran to the 2000 election.

Who should the President believe, his national intelligence  infrastructure that got WMD’s in Iraq wrong or the Huffing Post, a respected news media organization as judged by its citation by nearly every other news company.


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