Don’t Get Advice From Democrats

Today I heard part of an interview of James Carville on the Imus show. Mr. Carville was promoting his book titled something like ’40 More Years – the Permanent Democrat Majority’. And the interview may have been a repeat, but it’s relatively current.

First of all, Mr. Carville is a very entertaining speaker. Actually, that’s second. First, he is a rabid partisan who will say anything to promote his party, which is fine, as he has never claimed to be anything else. 

His interview covered the topic of the book which is Republicans don’t have the support of young people and growing minorities, so the party is demographically doomed. Of course the flaw in this analysis is the typical failure of most leftists to realize that while the demographic categories stay the same, the people in the categories change. The easiest example is that today’s young people will move to a different category in the future. Harder for leftist to understand is that today’s poor people are not necessarily tomorrow’s poor, especially when using Census Bureau definitions of poor. How this applies to Carville’s thesis is best summarized by Winston Churchill’s quote about young conservatives having no hearts and old liberals having no brains.

Older people tend to vote Republican. The population is rapidily aging. How does this not augur well for the Republicans?


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