Climate Reporting – Getting Colder

Climate reporting is getting colder with respect to accuracy. On April 7 the Washington Post published a woefully reported article on Arctic ice, claiming that it was in rapid decline and misrepresenting George Will while they were at it. Yesterday on May 18, only a month from the solar maximum at the North Pole, Arctic ice remains at an extent greater than any measured by the IARC satellite (which went online in 2002)’

 Last year, uninformed press release rewriters posing as “journalists” ran story after story predicting Arctic catastrophe because of the fragile “first year ice”. This year the articles bemoan the lack of “multi-year ice” as the Post’s article typifies.

 Next year, will the crisis be the dearth of Arctic ice older than three years?

 The ongoing crisis is the surplus of credulity within the news media.


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