Democrat Science

Anthony Watts has a great blog centered on the science of global warming, Watts Up With That? .  One of commenters posted a link to an interview of Representative Waxman by Tavis Smiley   on NPR.  On April 26, a quote from Waxman’s interview became a subject of a WUWT post.

“We’re seeing the reality of a lot of the North Pole starting to evaporate, and we could get to a tipping point. Because if it evaporates to a certain point – they have lanes now where ships can go that couldn’t ever sail through before. And if it gets to a point where it evaporates too much, there’s a lot of tundra that’s being held down by that ice cap..”

Many commenters on WUWT have made that claim that the above quote shows such a stunning ignorance of geography, climate, and basic science that Mr. Waxman should be immediately removed from office and perhaps imprisoned for public malfeasance.

I disagree.

Mr. Waxman represents his constituency perfectly. I’m not aware of any reporting on NPR along the lines of “influential Congressman lacks basic science understanding of eight grader” or on any other major media outlet. Global warming media watchdog blogs like Climate Progress (a major source for NPR) haven’t made any clarifications either.

The facts are in for the Democrats: We need the Arctic ice to hold down the tundra, otherwise we’ll face a disaster. And apparently the only way to keep the Arctic ice holding down the tundra is to place high taxes on American carbon based energy.


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