Another Opportunity in Swine Flu?

Under the rubric of saving by spending more, perhaps the Obama Administration can use the swine flu crisis to advance two of their goals at once the expansion of Health Care and reducing the deficit.

By reducing controls on the southern border money can be saved that was previously wasted by the Bush Administration. Without doing any research, I would guess that at least $1,000,000,000.00 a year could be saved by eliminating Mexican border enforcement. This would completely offset President Obama’s 2010 proposed budget deficit in only about 1,000 years. Also, with a quick rewrite of some of the Federal Code decriminalizing illegal border crossing, Secretary Napolitano would not look so ignorant.

 Once the Mexican borders are opened, Mexicans would be able to benefit from universal health care which would prevent the spread of deadly and debilitating illnesses like the swine flu. Improved health reduces health care costs and increases economic productivity. And we would not need to waste money on screening travelers the way countries like Japan and Russia do.

This is the genius of the Obama Administration, the ability to see opportunity in crisis and to save money by investing and cutting wasteful programs.


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