Science Deniers

I heard a portion of NPR’s On the Media recently where the guest was Nicholas Dawidoff and the topic was Dawidoff’s article for the NYT on Freeman Dyson.

(See Getting Heated 4-10-09  )

 In particular they were discussing Freeman’s skepticism of man-made global warming. The host, Bob Garfield, made an interesting distinction starting at about minute 9:25.

He divided the subject of man-made global warming into ideas of the “deniers’ and those of the “scientific community”. The implication is that any disagreement with belief in man made global warming is not scientific. Also, note the use of the term “denier”, a term only useful in a belief framework. Science does not include the concept of “denial”, is a theory is right or it is wrong. Until it is has been proven or disproven, it is only a theory, subject to testing and debate.

Mr. Garfield reveals that he is aware there is no proof of man-made global warming as evidenced by the verbal contortions he uses to emphasize the correctness of his beliefs while avoiding the simple terms “fact” and “proof”.


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