Great Thinkers on MSNBC


Yesterday, on MSNBC’s  Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough discussed the President’s proposed budget deficits with several of his guests. I happened to catch some of his exchange with John Ridley, but later I heard a little bit of Scarborough’s radio program where he reviewed his earlier discussions.

He described his guests he asked to defend Obama’s budgets as “great thinkers”.

I, of course, disagree mightily. The President’s own campaign website clearly indicated a contradiction in it’s claims of fiscal responsibility, cutting taxes and increasing spending. It did not take a “great thinker” to anticipate the proposed budget deficits.

Mr. Ridley, to his credit, made a passable argument about the spending increases to be analogous to investment in new plant and equipment that achieves future gains in productivity. Passable, but completely erroneous. All of the President’s nominally “new” programs are merely re-treads of previously tried failures in efficiency.  

Healthcare Information Technology? Other than building on a program started by the previous Administration, its main promise for “efficiency” is as a tool for rationing.

Green Energy? From a physics point of view, green energy could not be any more inefficient. It is counter to the whole course of human technological achievement.

Education? Is there anything new about spending more money on the “Big Education” lobby?

President Obama’s policies are not investments in future efficiency, they are for the most part subsidies of obsolescence.


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