MSNBC April Fools’

After consideration, I have come to the conclusion that Mika B. and the cast of Morning Joe were playing a subtle April Fools Day joke on the the viewing audience when they all agreed that they didn’t care about the latest Obama Administration nominee’s tax evasion. The carefully phrased dismissal, tossed out as an ad lib, seems to have been intended to get the sort of reaction from Laura Ingram populist types who claimed that the MJ cast assumes no one cares, when clearly the question was limited to those at the table.

Who could possibly imagine Mike Barnacle (sp? don’t care enough to look up) being concerned that a democrat politician was cheating on their taxes. In his world, it is probably akin to the pot calling the kettle black. Willie Geist keeps his opinions to himself ususally, so he ge the benefit os the doubt. Mika B. ( again, I don’t care enough to look up the spelling) does not understand the concept of rule of law. The fourth guy was just one of the  interchangeable liberal interweb guys, hoping to draw traffic to his site and doesn’t deserve the electrons.

Tomorrow, they will get to cluck about how they were taken out context.

Ha ha, April Fools!


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