Deficit of Explanation

I have know way of knowing if the the White House Press corps has original thoughts or if they just reflect the sentiments of their peers, but at least two members of the news media were curious as to how the President could reconcile his claims of fiscal responsibility with his proposed $9 Trillion deficit.

The President deflected the first question by breaking his campaign promise to not look back and justified his 200% increase of the structural deficit by blaming the Bush administration and conflating the what the President described as emergency spending to prevent catastrophe with the structural deficit.

Unfortunately for the President, he was off teleprompter so when the second (and most likely not pre-approved) question was posed, the President did mention “Structural deficit” explicitly. This will undoubtedly lead to the news media being forced to point out that the President did not inherit a $1.3 Trillion structural deficit, but  a $250 billion one.


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