Stingy Ideas From a Liberal News Media

One of the most striking aspects of the Obama Administration’s attack on Rush Limbaugh and the defense of the attack by most of the news jorunalists, is the inability of the Administration and the news media to seemingly comprehend that there may be other valid solutions to the country’s problems other than those endorsed by President Obama.

It is a fair assumption that the Obama Administration is intentionally not acknowledging any alternatives. That’s probably a tactic covered by Saul Alinsky in Rules for Radicals.

More striking is to hear news journalists advance their opinion that either you’re for President Obama or you want the country to fail. As an example, see Mike Allen, of the on the March 6th Morning Joe on MSNBC.

Mr. Allen seems to be so taken with the idea of the Obama Administration that he’s incapable imagining an alternative to any of their proposals, no matter how poorly presented, poorly timed or poorly conceived by the President.


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