President Obama, Movie Buff

British PM Brown, widely described by the foreign press as “snubbed” by President Obama (search PM snubbed), gave the President a gift carved from the wood of a heroic anti-slaving ship. A ship that was the sister ship from which the President’s Oval Office desk was constructed.

Gift exchanges between heads of state are traditional and are interpreted like tea leaves for subtle signs of the countries’ relationship. Usually, the gifts do not receive much attention, because a great amount of thought goes into them, which is apparent even if sometimes there is a cultural misconnect.

President Obama’s gift was a gift set of movie DVD’s.

The Prime minister’s wife thoughtfully included a pair of dresses with matching necklaces from a posh London shop for the President’s daughters. The First Lady, in return, gave the PM’s sons a pair of helicopters from the White House gift shop.

It turns out that the President was not merely re-gifting something he received a couple of months ago,but instead he is truly a movie buff.

While the President only had time for 4 questions between the two heads of state when apearing with the British PM for the very first time as President, the HuffPo reports today he managed to schedule a private meeting with movie star Brad Pitt on the same day the stock market was collapsing yet another 4%. The post inaugural stock market collaspe being yet another historic first for the President.

In summary,

British PM Brown: historic anti-slave ship heirloom.

President Obama: Weekend at Bernie’s II (The titles have not been released, journalistic license has been used to provide detail that fits the story e.g.Rather, Woodward.)


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