President Obama, Almost As Good A President As Bush

At least according to the Gallup poll, President Obama, has almost as high a job approval rating as President Bush at a similar point in his term. President Obama trails President Bush by 2 points, despite being elected, with a commanding majority of nearly 3 points more than Bush in 2000.

There has not been very much, if any, coverage of this in the news media. the past couple of days, several outlets touted Obama’s “feel good” rating, perhaps thinking their audience would confuse it with the traditional job approval rating which has, with good reason, been steadily declining.

Many news media consumers may also find it hard to remember 8 years ago when President Bush was elected the first time, that the country was very divided over the election challenge made by Al Gore. President Bush’s approval rating were rising because he was effectively responding to the recession brought on by the bursting Clinton bubble.


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