Children at Risk!

One expects the children of famous people to get above average care. The most notable exception could be Britney Spears’ children. Of course that exception is noted. Extensively.

Try typing in “britney second hand smoke” into your favorite search engine and see what happens. 641,000 hits on MSN. You’d be forgiven for thinking she’s kidnapping children off the street and poisoning them with her Marlboro Lights. Children’s exposure to second hand smoke is a subject of national concern.

A similar search for “obama second hand smoke” has double the hits, but the heightened concern for his children seems to be missing.  I’m not the first blogger to raise the issue, but scolding articles from major media outlets are entirely missing.

Adding “children” to the search term brings out a Reuters article citing a “study” that black children are more suceptible to second hand smoke than white children.

Could the lack of concern by the white dominated media for the President’s children be yet another sign of the national cowardice identified by Attorney General Holder?


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