Media Advocacy or Just Laziness?

February 13th, the Washington Post ran a column by Steven Pearlstein in the Business section where Mr. Pearstein advocates a portion of the War on Prosperity Bill relating to healthcare. Mr. Pearlstein is not unique is his position in the news media, but it is curious how it is contrary to another long advocated position in the news media – a woman’s right to chose. One of the easily remembered arguments of the right to choice crowd is that the government should not be dictating the decisions made between a woman and her doctor. Mr. Pearlstein’s third paragraph contains “…[treatments]…no longer be prescribed.”  The reason they aren’t prescribed is decided by a bureaucracy, not a woman and her doctor.

Mr. Pearlstein has been a employee of the Post for some time and I doubt he is a “right to life” advocate. What is much more likely is that as is the case with many other reporters, much of his reporting is simply re-writing press releases with little consideration to the  accuracy of their content.


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