Is NPR Off Message?

Earlier today, I happened upon a mere snippet of NPR’s All Things Considered. I have not researched the full story on their website, so it’s possible that I have this out of context, but I heard an interviewee, in explaining why the stock market took such a dim view of the Secretary of Tax Cheating’s (Treasury) plan, say that banks were regulated. In fact, the interviewee named several layers of regulation and oversight the banks were under and the proposed outline of a plan would add yet another and this is why the financial stocks led the market to a major loss.

I was shocked, SHOCKED, to hear NPR allow such a grievous mistake on air. It has been reported by every news media organization that the Bush Administration eliminated banking oversight. It can’t be that major organizations like CNN, NYT, WP and even the President himself would report something not true or even misleading. These are reputable sources.

I will update this post with NPR’s correction when it appears.


One response to “Is NPR Off Message?

  1. As well as the constant badgering to send them money.

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