Washington Post Drops the Ball

The President of the United States says that the country is facing an economic catastrophe and calls for a prime time televised press conference where he takes only 13  questions. The Washington Post uses its opportunity to ask a question during this historic press conference to ask the President’s opinion about a sports celebrity.  I don’t know if any editors were involved in the decision to ask that question, but as a typical reader of the Post, it seems that readers would have benefited more from a question that explored the Democrat’s plan to insert the Federal Government between the decisions made by an individual and his or her doctor.

 There are many, many questions that come to my mind on this subject that seem much more pressing than a ball game. How does this provision stimulate the economy? Not the record keeping and IT aspect that has been repeated by lazy journalists from the Democrat talking points, but the enforcement aspects. Is the massive abrogation of civil rights worth any claimed monetary benefit? Does the Obama Administration have a cost/benefit analysis for civil rights?

What do the Post staffers do all day? Apparently, they aren’t reading the “stimulus” bill. Or maybe the typical Poststaffer is like the caricature of President Bush – just not that inquisitive of the the world around them. 


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