President Obama, Where’s My Check?

At yesterday’s Presidential War on Prosperity (and civil liberties) campaign appearance, a theme emerged from the gathered citizenry – Where’s my check?. Most journalists apparently can’t remember the Presidential campaign last year, so this theme may seem to have arisen from the “grass roots” as they like to say. Actually, the President promised many sorts of checks to many people, except those making more than, well this number kept dropping, but it started at $250,000 per year. He promised $1,000 energy rebate checks. He promised education checks. He promised green energy checks. He probably promised at least one check to every demographic listed on his campaign website.

A lot of people voted for those checks and now they rightfully are wondering, “Where’s my check? I did my part and voted for change, now lets see some cash so I can get some change!”


One response to “President Obama, Where’s My Check?

  1. The American people need to stop waiting for a handout and help this country get back to being self reliant. This means supporting businesses that support our economy. The blog addresses these issues in detail. Check it out!

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