Media Conspiracies

On Sunday, the Washington Post published a lengthy letter from Bill Press alleging a conspiracy among radio companies to limit “progressive” shows.  The undeniable proof of a conspiracy in Washington is the continued prominence of Bill Press. Admittedly, it is a somewhat of a stretch to label Bill Press as “prominent”, but nonetheless, his opinion is much more widely dispersed than its intrinsic value would merit. Bill Press has failed to get ratings wherever he’s gone. In consideration of his feelings I will allow that progressive politics that Mr. Press favors do not stand up to the scrutiny inherent to a talk show format. Yes, they can be relatively popular when presented as a nearly content-less advertising campaign (e.g. The Obama campaign), but quickly lose their appeal after serious consideration.

 So the question remains, why does Bill Press continue to get jobs in mass media? Only a conspiracy at the highest levels could explain why Mr. Press is enabled to continue to drive audiences away at corporation after corporation.


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