Obama’s Fear and Loathing

President Obama had an opinion piece published in the Washington Post today. Without a doubt this is the most insulting article by a President I have ever read, including President Carter. First, nothing about the President’s resume indicates that he has any knowledge or experience beyond self promotion. Any presumed facility for mathematics the President might claim is belied by his statement that his 52.7% majority of the popular vote, less than 20% of the population, constitutes a resounding call for change. His demagoguery may be appropriate for the naïve, uninformed students he previously instructed in Chicago, or his campaign press, but it has no place in a national publication. Second, there has been little or no analysis that would indicate that the proposed plan would actually create more wealth than it would destroy.

Instead of economic analysis the President uses fear to advocate his plan. One could be forgiven if one was under the impression that using fear to advance an Administration’s policies was part of the “old politics” that Mr. Obama going to “change”.


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