Presidential Cell Mates

This morning I saw a news headline similar to this one:

 Barack Obama to allow anti-terror rendition to continue

I remembered that “rendition” was one of the Bush war crimes as reported by the news media, so I went over the Huffington Post, the way a first class, professional news reporter at the New York Times might and I did a little research.

What do you know? I found this from November 25, 2008.

 Obama, Bush & The War Crimes

Which included this paragraph:

 “Experts and leaders in both parties herald the work of the 9/11 Commission, which bored down into a period many would rather not relive. Now what we need is a Response to 9/11 Commission — a subpoena-powered investigation of the torture, rendition, detention and spying that was presented as an essential response to terrorism. Obama should also assign a special prosecutor to explore the related crimes and take necessary action, independent of the new attorney general’s agenda.”

 Considering that President Obama appoints tax cheats to run the IRS it’s highly unlikely he’ll appoint a special investigator to investigate his crimes, but perhaps after a trial at the Hague Obama and Bush can be cell mates.


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