Tom Daschle’s Friend

Tom Daschle’s tax troubles in large part stem from a chauffeured Cadillac provided for his use by a “friend” in the financial industry who happened to be his employer. Tom made a lot of friends in the four years since he was ousted as a Senator. One must assume that his “friends” in the health care industry are also happy for his success at being nominated for the HHS Secretary position, as any good friend would be.

I assume  he charmed them all with his scintillating personality. In fact, I don’t know all the details, but it seems that  Tom is such a charmer that his new friend wanted to give him the gift of the car service within just months of meeting him. If the HHS Secretary confirmation doesn’t work out, I think Tom has the makings of a bestseller in his advice on how win over friends with such loyalty so quickly. Especially if it allows you to make friends with the resources to give six figure gifts.  

Speaking of charmers, has President Obama  already issued another waiver for Tom for his prohibition against hiring lobbyists?  His autopen must have a paper tray loaded with those waivers.


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