What’s Wrong with 2002?

Don Gonyea caught my attention Wednesday with his 9 minute summary of the Bush administration on NPR’s All thing’s Considered. For some reason he left out the biggest news story of 2002 – Bush’s failure to connect the dots. No, if you didn’t follow, or don’t remember, the news from 2002, Bush wasn’t having trouble with children’s puzzle books. It was the most overused cliche of the year meant to blame Bush for failing to prevent the 9/11 attacks.

Why does this matter?  Because in 2003, Bush said he couldn’t wait to be proved right about Iraq’s WMD’s with a mushroom cloud.  In other words, Bush said he had decided to err on the side of our safety when making decisions based on the confusing evidence coming from Iraq.

If Gonyea (and all the others) included 2002 in their retrospectives, it would ruin the whole “Bush lied” narrative. And some people might realize the gross incompetence demonstrated by the news media yet again.


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