Senator Burris Meet Senator Byrd

I’ve added a new ‘blogroll’ link today for the Media Research Center, a good organization that performs the Sisyphean task of educating the public about media bias. In my experience either one is aware of media bias or one isn’t. I can’t say I’ve had any luck in my efforts to increase the awareness of others.

A few commentators noted Senator Burris’ race, and made a little hay out it. (hat tip to Rush Limbaugh, among others). Rush of course, was simply barking on behalf of the dog that wasn’t barking – media claims of racism. Well, at least I assume the only true blue racist in the Senate is Democrat Klansman (former?) Senator Byrd, but had Senator Reid been a Republican, the news coverage would have been very different.

And speaking of Democrat Klansman (former?) Senator Byrd, will he be reelected president pro-tem of the Senate? And if elected, will the Klansman (former?) consent to be 3rd to a woman and a Colored? (I use the approved term of the NAACP).

Where was the coverage of a Democrat Klansman (former?) holding the 3rd in line position to the Presidency for the past two years? Again, if he were Republican the coverage would be very different. But as a Democrat, Senator Byrd gets the same amount of coverage as Senator Al Gore’s opposition tot he Civil Rights Act.


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