Lack of Vision at The Washington Post

Today’s holiday filler piece in the the Post’sOutlook section ‘The Next Next Things’ includes an ongoing blind spot in all media coverage of alternative energy – Fusion. Commercially available fusion energy will almost certainly within the time horizon covered in the article, although the article’s source,, places it at 2038, slightly outside the article’s horizon.

I can think of other excuses not to include it in the article as obvious as that the author didn’t select it, to the semantic  that it’s not alternative energy.

Fine excuses for one article, but why has it not been covered at all in the past year or two? Fusion energy will revolutionize energy production unlike anything we’ve experienced.

My explanation for the lack of fusion coverage includes the poor education of media elites (an Ivy League degree ain’t what it used to be),  the religious convictions of members of the Environmental Movement of which the Poststaff seems to belong, and a general affinity for alarmism that sells advertising  just as it awards grants to grubby academics.


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