President Elect Obama – Core Principles

The answer to the previous post’s question “what will Obama do with his newly acquired power?” is that he will use it to acquire more. The President of the United States is the most most powerful man in the world, but his powers are limited. By design, the President controls only 1 of 3 parts of the Federal government, which is in theory, itself limited by the Constitution.

I don’t think Obama has any reason to abandon his core principle – the acquisition of power – because it has served him so well to date.

Already, by assembling the much vaunted (by the liberal press) ‘Team of Rivals’ he is consolidating his personal power within his administration. Also, he recognizes, and plans to use to his benefit, the power of his campaign contributor’s lists and already he is sending out organizing  emails to that list to muster public opinion behind his agenda.

Again, his agenda is the acquisition of power.


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